I haven’t seen many philatelists lately
with their square tongues and perforated bubbly saliva
affixing stamps in neat little pages of boxes

Prizes from all over the world and times
of yore, tiny vignettes of who we are and
who we have been in square-inches

Marked in currencies frankly no longer around
in denominations too small to matter any longer
but I knew a girl from there once

To convey ones thoughts at one time was much dearer

As a child I would send self-addressed unstamped envelopes
in envelopes addressed to the government (stamped of course)
requesting first-day-of-issue stamps

Pristine inaugurations in thumbnail landscape
postmarked to commemorate the christening event,
a landmark in posterity – oh, a new stamp!

The idea that we have ideas to convey
to others that we would pay to have delivered
in good faith by others

But now
feeling un-affixed and postage due
I upload this onto my pressed wordblog for you

Chagall 2018