Where have all the hummingbirds gone,
they’ve left behind sweet nectar,
nothing where their hearts beat madly once in hover!

away to the treetops, backwards dizzy
spiral to earth in a flash

in a beat the wink of an eye

I wonder where hummingbirds go when they disappear,
eyes awash with honey dreams, moonbeams,
clover, the scent of love

the smallest atop time
beats more than ever, the vibrant heart upside-down

thirteen licks from a tongue each second

Ruby-throated, sips balm, salvia,
honeysuckle, snapdragon, a body
run hot with a need for feed

with speed comes predisposition to leave, to migrate,
urged from deep in calls to another day

alee entwined in lichen, amid gossamer
lost high in treetops

aerially alive

Chagall 2018