there in the water
all things reflected

as the wind blows
invisible wavy lines
of air

a face emerges
unwavering uttering
let all Be

stutter steps
a winding path
alongside the water

I dive into the reflection
of all things without

sinking airlessly down
to alight on sandy bottom
facedown prone

convergence on the limit
of all possibilities
at any speed

silica in my mouth
no matter how hard I try
to eschew

as my carbon meets quartz
I crystallize to Become
the record keeper

from underwater I emanate
joyful light remembering
how to breathe

purified luster
clarity is a tablet
to swallow or to write upon

the temperature
of the water around me

I turn on my back
to face the sky
I smile wildly

mouth open
liquid enters me
makes me whole

engorges me
till I consume
(or Am consumed by)
all of the water

like a mother bird
mouth to mouth
come feed

I Am the water
reflecting all things

Chagall 2020