Got bit by a tick
shaking hands with Paul Tsang
now I got Lyme and the Hong Kong Flu
but babe…
I ain’t got you

My fingers too stiff
to play a sitar riff
lack wind to blow my harmonica too
and baby oh…
I ain’t got you

(Jerome – to the bridge!)

Used to be pretty now my pits need a shave
and this beard to my knees won’t do
paralysis and sneezing just don’t mix
oh baby oh, I’m in a fix

Comotosis in Manhattan General
with General Tso’s thrombosis
somebody throw me a line
so sweet and sour,
save me from these horse and buggies
wheeling up-down my spine
this final hour

Motionless, breathless,
like after making love with you
but this is Lyme and the Asian Flu
and still…
I ain’t got you

Chagall 2020