tree with brunch and green leaves during sunset

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Which came first, birds or people? Were there songs in the trees before houses and paths between neighbors? When this was just limestone and tufted primeval moss, at the birth of new birdsong, practiced trills emerged from the canopies of beech forests, afar from distant firs Call and response, coo and reply, was there yet another about to answer the searching cry, to refrain the melody, to embellish harmony, to complete the haunting
interval? The flutter of these first wings grips the heart outside of time

Whistlers in strong winds, did they love the sun
and the morning as much
as we?

So busy making nests then,
though the need for shelter was itself brand new And there will be time enough to kill today, and there will be eons to burn Even now

Which will last longer, birds or people? Chagall 2020