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I prepared to harden young vegetable transplants,
which is getting them accustomed to the sun gradually
over the course of several days, so that they do not burn
when ultimately put in the ground

I conceived to put them out at sunset, rather than sunrise, 
to take advantage of the cooler solar light of early evening
and then to dial back to noon's harsher rays,
to start with an hour and to add each day
a quarter-hour more

For example, set them out at 7 PM, and bring them in at 6, Day 1. Set them out at 7 PM, and bring them in at 5:45, Day 2, and so on, until the seedlings accustomed - inured - to 12 o'clock sun This sounded crafty and so on Day 0 I readied to proceed
until it dawned on me that I was planning to use time in reverse,
contrary to its natural flow

But it had felt so possible

Like a seed, all of my futures splay before me,
while my past converges on a single vanishing point behind me

I am a prism that diffracts existence
to reveal its constituent parts

Through me run seemingly
parallel lines Chagall 2020