wood nature forest trees

I have not read accounts about forest trees falling,
there is no witness who attests to a felling

but I have seen – have heard – a fall,
the snap, a moment of silence, then the oceanic rush of sound
as the upper-half of the tree crashes through the canopy freefalling
to the final percussive thud, you can feel it hit the ground
and resonate deep bass, then silence again briefly that begets a steady hum

a hymn: new light through the new gap in the landscape
where fluttery insects and dust-motes swirl merrily in backlit haze,
the felled wood, a cacophony of debris that appears to be
hundreds of uprooted miniature bonsai trees
that call from the forest floor

trees only sometimes fall
when no one is around

Chagall 2020
Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com