I remember when Summer was fun,
we’d kiss and smell like lotion

listen to top-10 countdown on AM radio

And days were like weeks
were like months
were like years
in Summer

in-between last Spring
and this Fall

a sun-soaked streaming parade,
the sweetest time life affords

I think we are given
three endless summers

then one very brief Autumn

the sun below the horizon refracts
and scatters its light like tendrils

such is
the twilight

the first I’ve neglected thus far to mention
occurs beside waters atop sands no longer found,
wrapped in bright towels, mothers dab away salt waters,
under warm sun young painters daub makeshift canvas,
rue the day their colors dry, love’s sweet aroma
rings my mind like chimes, bright bells tingle every nerve,
each aspect of the memory preserved, recited anew

…as we count down to the #1 song of the Summer…!

Chagall 2020