I can't keep track of whom I'm mourning,
too many leaving too quickly,
a chorus forgotten, faces overlap in my heart, 
small souvenirs, mementos in cameo, 
loved ones in bit-parts I waited lifetimes to see
and now they're gone

disappeared, slipped away,
sound bytes on my inner ear
without replay

deep below my eyes
I fall forever inward

there is a downpour 
in the hollow of my body,
the distant thunder close now
despite the faded rumble

the evaporating shimmer,
the last vestige of having been heard,
head down, shoulders resigned to the weight,
the compression of billions of light years atop the spine,
energy density, kinetic wherewithal, frenetic withdrawal

where is everybody going? 

better don't take me 
with you - without me 
who would remain for you 
to be missed?

on the face of the water
the air must remain perfectly still
for You to be mist

more than a smoke ring,
an eternal cloud of whimsy
in search of reenactment


life anew

cc: CC 2021
Written for 
dearest Norman, Lottie, Ginny,
Tricia, Arthur, Carol, and Kelly 
Until we meet again - ci vediamo