subliminal incantations
rapid and vapid
impervious legislation
daringly uncaring
cosmological perturbation
no place is alee

nor free of debris


listen to the fabric rip
this is a new kind of trip
we're on

we're off to see the Wizard,
the wonderfully wizened, 
the neo-enlightened,
the dumbstruck,
the blinded,
the absent-minded
half of the Haves
that got caught

foresight is 20/20

and hindsight is merely

four scores and I'll have enough
to leave this place

what's your problem? 
now, you  never mind

see this face?
you keep your place

watch your step
on the stairway to the stars
I've heard there are spots where
the banister breaks and 
the landings give way

to freefall

cc: Carlos Chagall 2021