against a backdrop of nothing
the wind is less lonesome

quiet brings empathy

silence brings furtive kisses
once reserved for glances

hair is aroma on a curve,
a neck of deep meaning

a reckoning at the throat,
soft offhand tickles at the heart

let me skip into your eyes
to frolic there 

toss petals 
to the same green pastures you see

ice dams break all around us now
too jagged to float

impaled, better abandoned
on a deserted isle

just us and a lone palm tree

burnished rock buried 
in beautiful emblazoned sand

what a fine grip for toes,
and backs, for hot treading

for standing firm in Mother Earth,
upon her maiden voyage

from afar She glides,
a Blue Pearl in a tunnel of silent freefall

a young Dame giddy from carousel turns 
and sweet soft candies

the most gentle kiss at the wrist

cc: Chagall 2021