Thank you, so much,
the marigolds are lovely,
they fill me with joy - 
their promise of
what Seasons bring 

They remind me of that day, the heat of the beach - the evening hours, 
cooling under moonlight, we emanated, throbbed the day really, 
and marigolds were everywhere

It's funny how you'd confused wax and wane,
the light versus the darkness sweeping across the moon,
until we talked that night 

Now, even I am not so certain, 
things are not so plain,
meaning is lost, line to line,
for want of a misplaced breath

Eyes glaze over when stars craze distant lovers,
so much magic in the rising mist,
still to this day

My howls to the night are angled such
they will ricochet to you off celestial objects,
my yearning travels farther as the air grows
colder, time descends faster

I question should I jump,
will I land softly

Will I jump,
shall I ?

It's better not to know
and to brace less

My father used to say
soft hands to keep those
from breaking 
during a fall

cc: Chagall 2021