So motivated was I to see my granddaughter and her offspring grow old,
that I resolved to live for two hundred years, setting my mind, my heart,
and my spirit goals, on a specific - albeit distant - day in the future.

A daily, if not hourly, reaffirmation of this - live, live a long time - 
advises the cells of the proper pace with which to advance,
slow down, we've got a ways yet to go

You must set the proper expectation for yourself, for example:
Once upon a time, I aspired to live to be 100 years old.  
I was born in 1957, and so I targeted 2057 as my horizon.  
Then one day, after considering my granddaughter and 
wanting to see her as an 80-year old, and her children, 
I realized that living to 100 would be inadequate to accomplish that.
I picked 2100 as my new horizon.

Everyday, every hour, I acknowledge 2100 as the target

Psychologically it readies me
and makes cohesive all of my subconscious 
and unconscious systems

the we that is me are all pulling in line to make 2100 happen

A 60-year old with a life expectation of 100 is 60% of the way there,
while a 60-year old intending to party at 143, is only 42% along.

So we consider our self less than halfway there

Our telomeres will oblige us,
I am certain

you'll see

cc: Chagall 2021