the flow of the underground river
runs contrary to the uphill rise at the surface

the land belies hidden contours that give life

a calmer estuary pastures a small flock,
drink comes from below, a bubbling gurgle

we thrive in coves, in inlets
where sun and wind and salt and air 
are captured perfectly

old and faded is
old and faded in 
sunlight pretending
to be new again

the heart rides many waves,
water, air, time, the path of our gaze
into another's eyes

each jolt of recognition found there
proclaims affirmatively
I am
- though these sometimes are lost

jostled about in the fray,
you and me

I have a dear neighbor I call to 
when I need to hear her perfect tone

we scutter about over seashells
on the seashore doing sambas in the surf

sometimes in sunlight, often in starlight,
oh, how we sway and sashay

we belie 
the stillness 

cc: Chagall 2021