I will remember you,
in fields filled with blue night,
into the indigo shadows I go,
vantage for prayer to starlight here,
amid the rustle, the stirred, the quiet grow of grass, 
its sweet smell, the freshly mowed,
the same breeze as yesterday today touched
your sculpted alabaster, lucent porceline
aglow in the black, the slight hint of a smile,
of a wink, a sunken dimple, as a neckline pulses
so beats the heart, witness the quivering breast to assess
if that is certain, at rest Love uptakes the air and the blood 
it needs to survive, to contract to love again

Overcome by sleep with no dream, afloat atop open eyes,
wider than the horizon's splay, deeper than knowing,
an errant pigment in the iris I cannot brush away, a lash,
without tears to wash clean, the fog of uncertainty
if that is you backlit by the new dawn, haloed in golden ray
at the source of all the days' emanation

I remember you
in fields awash with blue light

Michael 2022