When I would leave for school in the morning,
my mom gave me a tissue for my nose, 
a dollar for my lunch, told me to 
put the former in one pocket,
the latter in the other, so as
not to lose either

She said so long, never goodbye,
be a good person, never lie,
unless it's bad news, like when 
people die, and it makes no sense
for some to know

And always don clean underwear,
for God forbid something should happen
to you along the way, someday you'll
take care of me, she'd say

At times nothing amounts
to something and sometimes 
nothing matters

When you are born, God
twists his finger in the center
of your body, your belly button,
exclaims This one's done

She laughs when I ask
how she knew it was me
when I was born

One star for everyone who has ever been,
is here today or will be

I understand now the dream
where she comes to me, kneels
to dip her hand in a pool of water,
lets it cascade down her arm,
over and over, and I ask her if 
there is a heaven

She nods her head yes, looks up at me
then adds but everyone here is starving

Never for the last time say so long, nor 
for the first time goodbye

cc: CC, Michael 2022