One-and-done She,
comments and disappears,
hit and run, casual asides,
engaged to a point, pointlessly,
a dance for two en pointe,
the sun in her eyes, the grass too tall, 
the cat has eaten her homework,
excuse the excuse pile, the detritus about,
the art you will find intermingled there is
merely a quip, single entendre at best, yet 
her breeze still blows high over the canyon,
lost aerie where an eagle once nested,
taken advantage of for the ages, 
by those who shall do no harm 
...pretty and witty and wise...
where sandpipers and New World warblers fly away 
cast in silver echelon, to seek the lost universe,
a spiral in time, now an aged lady spies
the youthful nymph amid cascades of color,
still vibrant, imbued with that day's sunlight,
its pomp and its circumstance, its radio waves
continue yet to travel outward from the planet,
watch it fade to gray, too black, but somewhere 
along the way, two moody in indigo

cc: CC '22