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The Snug of the Neck

I have the same wonder for stars as my Mother,
knowing there's one for each
of us

of the stars 
we are

She said with each navel God proclaimed
You're done!

with a celebratory twist of her finger
to coil the cord tight

I asked her how did she know it was me,
knowing at the time I was somehow destined
to be her baby, less knowing of the biology 
of how such could be so, imagining myself 
lost in a sea of babies in bassinets, her face 
pressed against a glass trying to find me

And my Mother simply said
You smiled

in my head
are many stars

Chagall 2020


At work I’ve insisted
that my team be staffed
with nothing but ladies
of beautiful color

Our primary mission:
To rock any world
we encounter

Chagall 2015

Dear Ma

chagall backdrop

When I was small you took my hand, led me to distant places
around the corner and up the block

You carried me so I grew to know
the spiral of your ear and the curls about it

Your smelled of taffy, salt, and wind,
as a newborn I’d mistake that for the contour of your cheek

Senses ran together then
before words but after sound

once upon a time

© Chagall 2014

Tare Weight

chagall backdrop

In February 1987
before she passed, I asked her to narrate her recipes
and I would scribe.

To the day almost
these decades later, family is over and I cook her favorites
almost to a tee.

Our love
that winter dormant for so long returns
emerges as seedlings.

© Chagall 2014

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