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Here Just a Moment Ago

I search every lost and found I find,
I’m losing you, founded on loss
upon finding I lose.

Chagall 2019


Mea Culpa

After years of searching, I have finally discovered myself,
only to find that my brain is now suing me for infringement of patent.

Chagall 2019

A Breeze As Moist

In my mind is a rock against which I lean-to
whenever peace is needed. Beyond the open flap
and the rain, from my warm venue I can see
the tops of tall pines visible below in the lightning.

Chagall 2019

The Birth of Love (Amor Ex Nihilo)

The wrinkles in the towel,
the way the sun throws shadows
into the folds of the fabric,
they form a face, a young woman smiles shyly,
her left cheek emblazoned in light,
so real that even when the towel is gone,
she is still there

I see her everywhere now, in stone and wood,
in dense tree canopies, upon the lake’s ripples,
(though less so in clouds)

The ground of all that is,
is the tracing of her

She is implicit in every niche,
I sense her with every breath

Perhaps she is the dark void behind me
that I can now trust

Or the blinding not knowing before me
I await

Adoration at first sight,
the scent of bougainvillea
releases when trampled underfoot
by the garden’s dancers

She appears in twilight
when daylight fines to mist,
stark, aglow amid flowery vines
she gracefully – playfully – performs her plié

I am but imagined myself, a pile of folds
in sunlight disguised, shadows configured
to confound, to conjure sentient impression,
so real that even when I am gone,
she is still here

Chagall 2019

1 Egg, 2 Skillets

I have decided to eat fewer homemade donuts,
therefore I will need to make fewer batches,
thereby saving me time.

Chagall 2019

There are chords my guitar has never played,
yet is perfectly capable of doing so.

Chagall 2019


Roadmap is an original tune co-written with our colleague Odin’s Bard. The original lyric from Odin’s Bard can be found here. Music and arrangement is by Carlos Chagall. Vocals by Eric Greco.

Enjoy!  Headphones bring you into the mix.

The Trappings

She said, “I really like music,
I’m even considering getting a tattoo.”

Chagall 2019

Buzz Spray

He smacked the turntable, the needle tracked
its scratch deep across the vinyl, over the club’s speakers –
amplified –  it sounded like a buzzsaw whipping through the center of the building

What have you guys been smoking?
he screamed

I leaned over and offered “…or not,
sounds more like it to me.”

Chagall 2019

All vices involve
a tickle

Chagall 2019

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