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In Memory of E.R. Murrow

the wrong.

Chagall 2017


Je vais parcourir le monde

Clouds enshroud the light in the garden, I am mist on shadows reflected
as moonbeams on rain far removed yet right here waxing, running on ere running off

Chagall 2017

The trap-door leads from profound to mundane; I eye the queue eternal and turn.

Chagall 2017


Peace external to the mind as a pinball bounces off bumpers; evade of your own inertia, the places you’d rather not go, you grand polished silver orb you.

Chagall 2017

Inside From The Cold

earth in crisp
air on frost watch…

Chagall 2017

The sun low in the sky imbues the colors of leaves, russet-gold mottled
beautiful earth in crisp air on frost-watch, deliciously cold and alive

Chagall 2017

Alphabet City

A bridge with your name
Where slow cabs drive lovers home
Early dawn next day

© Chagall 2013

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Pectin Like Sardines

For late-season raspberry jelly, one need not remove all of the ants, right?

Chagall 2017

been editing and revising this one so frequently and rapidly that
no reader has read the same version

ChAgAlL 2017

In the dark, anticipating the wall I should have touched by now,
it’s been way too long, taking slow steps I shuffle to anywhere

Positively some street from someday I thought I’d remember
hearing voices in treetops, in whispers of crickets

At night when alone on the fray under overhead stars under planes,
for that’s how I see things, eternally groping for words

In a pinch when there’s no recollection or meandering time to arrange
I finally lie down

Chagall 2017

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