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Cover Girl

She said she wasn’t crying, that
people inhale sharply sometimes

Chagall 2018


Without Recourse

I have already ascertained
the regrets I will die with

Chagall 2018

You be the one today

Chagall 2018

Life is Art as Life

I was forced today to look up calumnious;
it has nothing to do with discovery – new worlds –
but all about Queen Isabella

Chagall 2018

Got on the bus today, sat behind the driver,
looked at the old lady across, turned right,
in the back, seated on the aisle,
the second bench of two, the passenger side of the vehicle,
was a guy. We held stare for a count of 5
and concluded simultaneously that we looked exactly like one another.
We both grinned from ear to ear and nodded vigorously our mutual understanding.
Even as he exited, in profile and waving from the street as the bus pulled away
he was my physical twin. The bus filled up
eventually. No one had noticed so no one
to remember, nor anyone to forget.
Only us.

Chagall 2018

Eternal regards
It goes on…and on…and on…
Such is forever

Chagall 2018

Woods Are

In the deepest night
the woods are not black
but are ebon-green;
soundlessly cold wind rallies
in the gaps of the underbrush
aloft alongside zephyrs
gray and deep lilacs on black
the color of moonlessness
in dark meadows motionless
waves despite the churn
underwater horizons outlined in indigo
and out I go in a spin
that old green magic: horizontal
– a will-o’-the-wisp doing backfloats
with viewpoint shifted sailing slowly steadily up
lost in the monochromatic.

Chagall 2018

For Scott, take 2

Read about Scott LaFaro here

Ci vediamo.

Chagall 2018

Untitled Till Now

I love
so many, many people

Chagall 2018

For Scottie

Started a new job
I propagate jade
make large plants
from tiny leaves
at night now I
dream of dark forests
cool and somber
in evergreen shade

Chagall 2018
For Rocco Scott LaFaro (April 3, 1936 – July 6, 1961)
American jazz double bassist known for his work with the Bill Evans Trio

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