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Beyond the Verso

I turn my bookmark face-side-down
when stopping on the recto, and
invert it should I ever pause
at the bottom of any page

Chagall 2019

When i Grow Up

I will cash in on thespian knowledge
So I really must know how to act
Or make a fortune while foretelling karma
Still I’d owe way too much deep in debt
So I’ll seek to reap riches from relating tales
About life being grand at the edge
Where only sweet water flows across miles
Evanescent, effervescent, ever long

© Chagall ∞



The situation grows worse though
nothing has changed; she turns
to face the windswept space below
confident it will hold her. In
pointe slippers she tiptoes nearer
the edge and simply falls forward.
The ground recedes, gets smaller
with each new inch of elevation.
She turns midair and allows herself
a moment to revel in ascension. She
has never before dreamed but now seems
the right time.

© Chagall 2016


Young sad girl on a train
she’s watching

Towns and worlds
go by

Speed her away

Through misted window
sun streaks

She shifts so her front’s
to the past

Her back yet
to the wall

She’s pulled now
no longer pushed

Sound upon motion
after all

she speeds her away

Chagall 2015

Nothing But


She’s on a stage with the world on her arm,
a tiny warm whisper in spring, always so far away,
high in the pine on the outskirts of mind where night falls
merely once a day I would find her atop low points,
arms outstretched perhaps breaking her fall – I’d never break her fall,
I’d never ask why only. It’s an effect she had on others,
this effect she had on me, precise – so fluently bewitched,
maybe a little bit bothered by the largesse of charms
I’d heard her recite at least one time, had felt so blessed,
so suddenly whole, too alive to hope to survive anything but liftoff,
everything riding on time, yet so irretrievably late.

© Chagall 2015

chagall backdrop

Dreams ride safe inside
Prism-etched bubbles afloat
Listen for the pop

© Chagall 2014

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