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One more morning
I’ll write. Gray,
sure. Air with the
same scent and feel
as that day, you bet.

The need – the ache –
to hold onto anything
that doesn’t slip away.

Perhaps the living is
easy and the writing

Sound attests
to the existence of time
as sure as motion does
yet so much timelessness
in the rustle, the whisper
of leaves on canopy branches
high among the zephyrs. I
grow dizzy to imagine myself
there at the top looking down.

Maybe I’ll feel more today and
write less about it, pull in
the shutters, the sash.
Still, here on the inside
I fashion small chips
of graphite into pencil
an essential element
to build strong bones.

With enough sun and love
a stand of kindred spirits
can endure forever.

© Chagall ∞

So Much For That

Applied for a job
the Chief of Diversity

They would call me the COD
a bit odd

The employment form
asked for Sex so I checked

Then raised my hand
queried What about Gender?

Needless to say
odd girl’s out

Chagall 2016

Word Pressure

chagall backdrop

We are troubadours, vamps,
poets and scamps,
Shakespeares, Anaïs Nins

Ginsbergs, Plaths, Nerudas
oh my!

Oh my goodness, another idea, quickly
My blog, new post . . .

Let it flow,
convey the sounds, the rhythms
that beat inside

Deliver me;
bring me
the head
of an avatar

© Chagall 2013

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