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Talkin’ About You Again

A word, a blank page no more;
this is where couplets end.

From hereon in
strange waters.

The next view must speak louder
than nothing – if not, why bother?

Pictures are an option
just not here.

Help me to pluck ideas
from all these implicit ellipses.

Chagall 2016



I wish I could scream
raise the words from the page
and hurl them in your face

© Chagall 2015

As We Are

chagall backdrop

Comets, as our lives,
carry long trails.

But of course you can
tell the difference.

Can’t you?

Suns, as our hearts,
emanate intense heat.

You know you can
burn yourself on each.


The wind, like my mind,
carries the world aloft.

There is no difference;
we are one and the same.

© Chagall, 2013

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