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Perfect From Here

If I ever learn to fly
I will fly just high enough
to clear first-story windows

Chagall 2019

Chacha #113

If this were real life
I would fly

Chagall 2015



Winding down, springs relax long
given room to breathe,
not taut as before, just now
assembled here together with me, outstanding
but a step apart, a whisper in the ear, an aside,
a glimpse nonetheless intimates air upon a wave
upon a cheek a kiss fell once upon a time
while winding down we tucked each other in
to the chin in deep warm down, and down I go
in a spin – black magic I’ve heard, dance with me
under devil moons – but those are just clouds
I’d say. And grace rises up from the ground, a pond
upon which we walk, the softest step,
we surf smoothly, skimming on the soles of our feet
moving as we do in our dreams, but now awake and able to fly
here just like there, hovering high and low on a whim,
as we desire. Take your time. Decide. Where shall we go?

© Chagall 2015

Fair Dreamin’


Bi-planes above us under
low-blue ceiling, I wonder
if they’re from our time.

© Chagall 2015

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