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Je Dois Partir Maintenant

I am moving off the grid
no longer found
at the intersection
of any lat or long -itude
confined within no cell
there’s the writing
on the wall
you’ll see it once
you reassemble it
though it reads more
like graffiti

so sweetie I’m going



Chagall 2015

The End Times

My sadness was deeper than even she’d imagine
for this was my final visit, the last go
around the wheel, I’d return not again,
such is nirvana.

Chagall 2015

Eden Revisited

chagall backdrop

He from the shower all clean
and I from the garden quite sweaty, we . . .
did the gate just click shut?

© Chagall 2015



I all clean just from the shower,
and you from the garden still sweaty.
God, how good that was!

© Chagall 2015

Space Paces, Elusive Serpents

chagall backdrop

In time we find
though never lost
in trimmed gardens

The search alone
we sidle walls
flash furtive glance

In green maze
morning haze drops

The same each time
blurred roundabout
swirl dizzy spires

Endless breathlessness
tiring quicker
than yesternight

Out of rush of flame
comes desire

Sparkling cold
dense stars are lit
the air so thick

Like water we

© Chagall 2014

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