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How distinct
must I be
in the statement
of my prayer –
to what degree
must I
to assure
you understand?

Let me make it easy,
let me make it plain:


© Chagall 2013

You Be Saved

chagall backdrop

From the limbs of this sycamore
I have watched the holy
come and go since ever,
the start of Time.

I, the repentant collector,
the kindhearted harlot,
the leper, the beggar,
the lush.

ironic, I’m saved
despite more pious
and deserving of the Love
most deserved.

How many nights
have I housed a Messiah,
supped on simple breads

while eternity draws
the spinning room
tight about makeshift cosmos
that hover there for the eve.

My, how the gods can juggle,
with appetites without end,
despite their not being
of earth and space.

And in the morning
they’re gone,
leave behind
small smears of blood
from where the wounds
still heal.

© Chagall 2013

If I Was A Goddess

chagall backdrop

If I was a goddess
I would mesmerize
the faithful,
the doubtful,
eat chocolate by
the mouthful,
spend each night under
my sky full
of stars,
if I was a goddess.

© Carlos Chagall, 2013

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