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1 Ticket, 1 Ride

Find a hill, a dimple of land, lie down,
wedge your cheek into the hollow
of rich organic debris, breathe
deeply the years of the regolith
beneath you, grind your pelvis
to bedrock, mold to gravity’s
pull, feel yourself ride
the earth, Gaia ’round
and around

Wheeee! See!
We’re falling!

© Chagall ∞

Epiphany at Seaside

The aroma of oil and salt,
a breeze cooler than the stagnant
air about me, fried potatoes
on ocean winds waving somewhere
on the planet, whitecaps hold foam
while moonbeams reign supreme
in the gravity, the order of things,
as all must be is surely.

© Chagall ∞

Intrinsic Pattern

I hold my head
I move my hands
sculpted fingers

In poised asymmetry
I trace rotations
about my core

I am the orbits
of moon around earth
around sun

I am

Chagall 2015

At noon we’re closest
To the sun we spin
Moons wax gibbous

Tilts about axis
Our bearing is set
Inertia we’re free

Waning to darkness
Promising new light
Luminous crescents


We are near the edge
Balloons on ceilings


Chagall 2016


Crisp incessant smacks across faces
then tears flow deliciously lips
lick my lashes

leaving me only
more lonely than now

She waits in style for moments to gather
her future is wrapped in red sash
or maybe her past
peeks through

There it goes again
on the breeze when suddenly
I drop

Dizzy in spirals
from heights attained glory
repeating some wordy world view

Wouldn’t you?

Tangled in branches
snarled in the bramble
I scurry to the roar of the falls

Aqueous foam
it’s oxygen-rich here

massive turbulence
magnetic churn of moon tides

I will not
hold on

I will not restrain
the flow

I will plummet headfirst
ride the scree like an aquanaut

I pray to be crushed
under oceans of water
reborn in a niched quiet eddy

on my back in warm sunlight

I croon
with these long extinct birds

Chagall 2015


Careful, Just Don’t Fall

Things don’t fall
so much as the world rushes up
to meet them where they float
everything’s falling
so nothing moves

my heart drops
dips on a steep rise
when I see you these
skittish palpitations

slow loping
gravity hang-glides
alighting gently

touchdown running
on the soles of my feet

so solid this ground
curves under me

perfectly bouncing
I’m buoyant

on ground sponge
baked in rain

still falling
on planets

big rocks
in mid-air

as a failed aerialist
I know the last fall’s hardest

to mistime
to lose heart

to miss the palm of the hand
outstretched in mid flight

people don’t fall
so much as the ground rushes up
to meet them

everyone’s falling

© Carlos Chagall, 2013

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