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An enthusiastic reader of blogs attempts to engage with the blogger
via comments, fills the space with her wisdom,
cites resonance with the themes, probes,
intellectually touches potential hot spots,
only to be responded to with a trite
Thank you for sharing

Shoot the load, one and done.

© Chagall ∞

Wholly Holy Black Hole

I will write free verse
of the universe, letters as galaxies,
implied points clear as constellations,
stars appear closer than they seem
when seen from light years away across
the paragraphs. I invert my event horizon
to search within and strew about the detritus
of my being, hence this ramble, these lines,
served up on the tines of synapse.

© Chagall ∞

Casting Couch

Thinking of writing a screenplay for a latina
biker-type detective, call it and the character
Blue Agave


© Chagall ∞


My enjambement is intended to make
make you stutter, step a-
round stuff, leap …
the landing.

© Chagall ∞

Regarding Your Reblogs

Please know that I will always click through
to your original post and will not feign having read it.
Thank you to those who do the same. I consider these folks
to be true readers. I don’t see how you can like a reblog
if you haven’t yet read the remaining half of the post that lies
there beyond the link that says “View Original Post – 300 more words.”


© Chagall ∞

To Ponder

Dear Reader,

A different kind of post.
Scene: you post a piece, and readers like it.
Variation 1:
You revise the post in a manner that you think “likers” would continue to like.
Variation 2:
You revise the post dramatically, flipping the theme on its end.

Consider: Regarding Var.2 – I believe you owe it to your likers to advise them of such, or
you should abandon the edit and post it as new.

Thoughts? Likes are static, click and done. Yet the piece is malleable, dynamic. The 2 don’t really jibe.  One could edit a piece right out of a liker’s comfort zone and the liker would be left memorialized as having liked it!

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend. I will continue to eat through Sunday night and then I am going to get trim starting Monday morning. Honest.


As Cellophane Bends To The Sound

My “likes” amount to seventeen
like clockwork everyday

Seven at breakfast, five at lunch
and the rest at eve’s respite

My day has become

Chagall 2015


I delude myself to believe
that you actually read what I write.

Chagall 2015

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