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A Palmful

If I took all those moments and ran them as a reel
– a film rather a dance – what would they amount to
in grams on ethereal scales how much would they weigh?

© Chagall 2016


There’s an artist in France
collects heartbeats

Tens upon tens of
thousands of

Moments in lives of
those who will
in time be gone

only by these

I wonder does
the data show
if broken hearts
beat softer

Chagall 2016


I have memories
of being in echelon
which means that at one time
I must have flown

I can feel
where wings connected
between biceps and pectorals
the backward sweep of deltoids
to where flight would have taken hold
like a clamp

we hang low in the pocket in the rush of fresh air
hundreds of feet high in a V across calibrated
stagger as if random we bank in a frolic
as one gaining air on the others steep turns
tightly so much torque but our bodies are made
for bending flexing near breaking

Our hearts are different
not so resilient, they snap
because they’re unforgiving

Chagall 2016

A Or B, But Not Either

I went back to school
just to get smarter
took a course 101 Discrete Logic.

Right up front, in Chapter 2
I discovered that no one makes sense
and everyone doesn’t not matter.

Chagall 2015


The doctor says she sees Q-Waves
there on my EKG, usually a sign
something bad has happened
to one’s heart. I tell her that
they’re probably there to say hello
to that day you went away. Now may I
put my blouse on?

© Chagall 2015

It’s The Kiss We Hold


I slept too late that morning,
awoke to find you, your coat on,
head down, hand on the door, though we’d said goodbye
the night before I still wanted
to see you one last time.

© Chagall 2015

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