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Not Just One

The world is soothed by soft refrains,
life’s lulling opioids amass to mask
all pain and sorrow

If you existed you’d know the same as I
in footsteps misted, feet of holy water
just barely enough to drown in

Chagall 2016


chagall backdrop

From tiny clinging tendrils of truth
we are leafs like nodes of illusion.

I feel the veining that buoys me,
a sail in the wind that I keep
on course to a true line.

© Chagall 2014


chagall backdrop

Under pale blue sky
I sense the holy
in gilded leaf,
stained glass amber,
muted green cool shade,
amazed to find
a cathedral even here

© Chagall 2014

The Saint Factory

chagall backdrop

Platinum light,
hurtles through the ancient bristlecone pines,
an iris there at the crowning,
an earthbound star, misted in droplets.

The whispers of the gods
bellow the flame at the core of the foundry.

Saints huddle there in the clearing,
stare blind into the aperture,
immersed in the source of divinity,
spirited away by hemoglobin.

The light instantly incinerates mortal infiltrators,
safeguards the ranks,
to assure only the holiest walk among us.

© Carlos Chagall, 2013

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