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See Spot Run

lack of words does not imply nothingness
as no one would be able to infer the symbols

no intonation of internal sounds
would ever arise, no cloudy shapes 
to morph and billow like sails in gray fog

froth dissolves
leaves fine residue

oh what paths we weave

Chagall 2020

On CC-CCTV, Channel Ocho

I grow weary of the couplet, such a shame
as it’s how I halve my quatrains

Soon I’ll offer nary
more than a letter

Welcome dear reader
to “name that thought”

© Chagall ∞

Hey, You A Muse?

I must be careful
as I proceed from this point
to resist the urge to fly

So I will stay grounded
though notice my ankles stretch
upward forever in flight

I wear lime-yellow argyles
socks where you’re supposed to be

Crazy zig zags man
– give a brother a pound and
say see you later

I’m heading to the roof now
someone’s predicted occurrences foreseen that
I’ll need to be flying to

I’m sorry
I could only resist
for so long

Chagall 2016

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