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The Charioteer

I revealed myself, infinite forms
numerous as stars of the sky
in the moment, to which he sought
sanity weeping, begging for me to cease, he’d seen enough:
thus I bestowed wisdom and peace upon young Arjuna.

Chagall 2015

On The Lighter Side

pretending you’re pinero?
wearing designer guinea tees?

high cheek-boned maricón,
puckered, 22nd century james dean hologram,
pretending you’ve tasted a five-finger blade.

watch your step.
you’ll end up like kenny wild
did on that bench in 10th street park
by the band shell.

the less than grateful
dead hippies and hare krishnas
danced around his body while he drained out.
hare rama rama krishna this, pendejo.

Dysfunctional, dystopian fuckup,
mad max moron,
in your little leather ear muffs,

blade runner wannabe,
reigning like a runt,
at command central, U.S.A.

pretending you the real deal.
Oh shit, ROFL ROFL ROFL!!!

you ever meet Short Eyes
coming at you in the cage
at dannemora?

or tangled with dynamite brothers,
and run with ghost shadows?
juiced on opium and hair tonic

strained through a cheesecloth,
shaken not stirred,
beaten because they care for you.

right flaco?
you, pato, I’m talking to you.
here, gaze into the bowel.
sphincter, tu chupa?

© Chicheme, 2013

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