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Lost in Transformation

Autocorrect changed kiss off to kiss all without my knowing;
it’s probably just as well, all things as they must be.

© Chagall ∞


Hey, if you want ice
You gotta fill the trays.

© ChaChagall ∞

Prague Noses, My Toes Is

Absent hypothetical lichens
perhaps have Tourettes … unlikely.

© Chagall ∞

In Edgeways

The note of the birdsong lies solidly
suspended in the hollow of blue space.

The temperature of my body is precisely
the degree of the world enveloping me.

A simple brushstroke, tapered glyphs
weighty enough to have gravity, flutters.

About you I watch dusty particles dance
in light that is more than merely a halo.


©  Chagall ∞

Visual Mashup

I write at a desk
with a window behind me

When my screen goes dark
it reflects the sky
that spans there
over my shoulder

Where a red-tailed hawk
on air currents glides
circling my login prompt

Chagall 2016

OK Corral (Et Voila)

Avatars on the outs
caps flying
along with sh&@ like this
effing ampersand
asks not what he can do
for her country

Open bracket
(curly bracket?)

Chagall 2015

I cling to her voice
as it emanates from silicon
compressed audio that’s naught but a
phantasm of her life and blood
no warm scent of talc but when I press
against the nape of her neck
when I lose myself
in the long float

Chagall 2015

Why Fi’ It?

She asked if I thought I could fix it
I said sure, your Hotspot is off
A simple hand gesture to toggle that button
Should make all your blues go away


Chagall 2015



Working right now on the internet’s interplanetary expansion,
appearances point to IPv12 to provide all that we’ll need
to be heard above the din of inter-creative force, a border protocol
at the edge near the boundary right before event horizons suck you in,
all for the sake of smileys bounced between the stars.

Slightly A-jarred


Started my day on the wrong side of email,
ended up in my Sent box, thinking
it was incoming mail. Then I put
two and two together. Feels good
to be back inside the Inbox.

© Chagall 2015

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