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Haiku for The Shot

I’m vaccinated
No little bugs inside me
Nature will prevail

Chagall 2019

Without Looking Within

At the tip of my nose,
I draw a big red dot.
I alternate my eyes,
observe my nose in sweeps,
left, right, like a rock face,
thousands of micrometers above the carpet.

Daemons traverse,
from nostril to nostril,
release the grasp on my proboscis finally,
rappel down silken ropes,
coiled fine Austrian pulleys, zzzizzz down ziplines,

hit the baseboard, smack-tumbling then running,
scoot to far-away corners in the apartment,
some trapped there in the slats of the venetian blinds.

With eyes wide open, I jut my upper lip,
look straight down, stick out my tongue, binoculate,
and my nose disappears; my dominant eye
kicks in; I peruse only parts of my face
that I am able to see, (a barren scape
from this vantage point). I am unable to
look myself in the eye. I gaze upward,

blue reflections, holograms from the edge,
there against the dome, the soft placenta,
that holds back the expanse. My eyes adjust
the new focal length, rays a cute obtuse,
strain my peripheral vision beyond
its limits, to wholly wrap around; curved
like space. I see me standing there ahead,

looking out, searching,

so tired; I close my eyes
to rest, the ghost

images of infinity, still there,
inverted on my optic nerve.

© Carlos Chagall, April 2013

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