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Say Like I Do Not As I Say

To undo writers’ block
write about your writer’s block

a compelling thought

Choose from:
a. Submit to the block, go cook, play guitar, kiss or slide into third (wink)
(Question to Self: will Dear Reader understand the preceding allusion?)
b. Go around, far-away and aslant of the block. Need I say more?
(Note to Self: probably will need to say more)
c. Crash through the block like a modern-day avenger: Fuck you, Block!

And there you have it.

Best regards for an incredible Friday!

Overstepping The Shallows

chagall backdrop

I’m having more fun with comments
Than writing my own poetry

Been thinking more into Your space
Than mine.

I’m a medium I channel,
A turntable for your media,

I’m picking up pieces,
Filling in blanks,
Rounding corners,
Softening edges.

Breathing in
Your air
This time,

My toe’s in your water
At the deeper

Of you.

© Carlos Chagall, 2013

Sonnet For Dying Sonnets

Running away, we outrace the comets,
then rest on our backs, at the southern pole;
stars, concentric orbits, clarions toll:
Life on this planet, as good as it gets.

My love for you hangs in mist, crystalline,
cascades in tickling ripples down your face,
rinses from inside out, the dust, this place.
There is no heaven, nor hell, this serene.

There is no place at all, there’s no bridge back.
I reel, mad dance, awestruck, struck dead, anew,
the last call. We didn’t make it did we?
“No my love, we both died in the attack.”

Cold wild winds blow hard in vain to renew
the calm before the storm, eternally.

© Carlos Chagall, 2013

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