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Sencha Chillin’

I nurse a big wad
of green tea through
three steeps

from noon
until midday

with the first brew I surmise
the fate of the wind and the rain

the second brings me joy 
while I stretch luxuriantly

and here am I 
with the third

shall we read 
our leaves?

Chagall 2020

The 1

The pigeon mumbler
on East 12th Street
released his flock
at the same time
Papo’s kite took flight
resulting in tangled
echelon high above New York,
while I
on my fire escape
midway through 100
sun salutations got
caught in the fray
toppling 7 stories
to hard cement, dead
but for a moment exactly
as per the prophecy

Chagall 2016

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