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Non Dual

What do you most need to hear right now,
and what do I ache to tell you?

Your very existence suffices, it’s all Is.
Our options: there is no God; there is no You;
You are God; there’s Nothing but God.

Choose one or the other,
all or not; it’s one in the end.

I yearn to
return to the Ordinary immersed in colors, deeply absorbed
in light extraordinaire, the water not the wave.

I shed the boundaries, address what is there beyond me –
the other – as You inclusive of me. I switch the wires,
so to speak. I co-opt all of existence, call it my own.

Creation is a figure cast like a rainbow upon my ground,
just a stone’s throw from joy.

© Chagall ∞


Cold Blue Crystal

There’s a song we sing in the mountains
When clouds envelop the peaks
As stars overwhelm the senses
Our hymns overcome the air

We are born to be celestial
From star to dust to star
We constellate in the shape
Of beautifully human

© Chagall 2014

Haiku For Icy Frolic

chagall backdrop

I gaze at heaven
snowflakes gather on my eyes
where gods trace angels

© Chagall 2013

Hear Me O’ . . .

chagall backdrop

I can tell how well I’m doing
by the fervor in my prayer

desperate, calm
succinct or droning
drowning or afloat

to plead for joy
or wealth

maybe a stretch
to try for both
in a single sitting

depends on
who would listen

to gain
or to keep
to hold on to

to lose it all

so you go click
your heels
three times

I will stick
with the old school


eeny meeny miny

© Chagall, 2013


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