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For the Times They Are

I dreamed once
I dreamt precisely

the guests went
as crows flew
the shortest distance 
between two points

essentially synapse

and paradise
is not all 

among the candles
in the dark
deep in pinewood
I am kindle

blessed are they
who withstand the wind shift

Chagall 2020

To Fall Airily Upward

I leap for the net with big holes
hoping I’ll miss and fall through

to be a mastermind I dress the part,
strip down

the cement is just for weight dear
look who’s back in town!

once I fell
and bounced
only to fall again

and one time
I soared

rooflines ascending
the light on the bridge

a star and
a sky carpet

to lose
to time

it’s rain

lap over dappled gray rock
pondering whether
to ripple

this life is
a crazy puddle

I say thank you
in primary colors

each rung
I reach to


it’s storm

© Chagall ∞

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