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Two Per Week

52 weeks in a year, 26 letters in the alphabet
… merely coincidence?

Time is money and money is naught and so
thought is time. I keep looking for a word
to rhyme.

She just didn’t happen upon circumstance
or the circumference of the happenstance.

Far from it.
Far be it for me to opine from afar. I’m
fairly sure that that of which I speak is uncertain.

Hold your tongue, I’ll hold mine
or yours if you prefer.

how I’d
hold it

Right up front, before I begin, a preface to what
I’m about to say, a few opening remarks. But first …

I need to know,
how easy is it
to maintain that glow,
that wonderful charm,
that sense of the moon
while dancing

© Chagall ∞

Just Saying

They’ve changed
the laws ’round
here so you can
smoke pot as long as you can
prove you couldn’t have been
better off doing something
else elsewhere

Chagall 2016

Alphabet City does not condemn nor condone the consumption of words.

To The Chaser

Words are the distance
from the sensate in my mind now in yours

Across the miles postmarked
whispers in a letterbox

I will shake you healingly
but maybe not lovingly

Listen – grab that
it’s a tale of umbilical proportions

I imagine that clay works
very much the same way

Chagall 2016

Mr. Chairman, If I May . . . ?


Builds in cascades of sound – phonemes,
by feeling little bits of life fly off of your tongue
where open fields find rest on hallowed oath, an appeal to the people,
notwithstanding the people, assuming only the best for those
who be so gathered. The speech expresses
the significance of that, that the moment
in its utterance, for the speaker
and for the listener,
is inevitable.

© Chagall 2015

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