chagall backdrop

You are very pretty,
dancing there,
while I’m dancing here;

we should be dancing

I’m going to work my way in close
to touch, eyelash to fluttering
eyelash, a breath
on your cheek, so light,
like a fleeting glance, without breaking
stride from a glide.

Sweep you slowly,
oh, to kiss you deeply
across the floor, again
once more.

Whirl-twirl you
like hurricanes hitting
land with the beat of the band.

That’s the way we dance –
sabado –
that’s the way
the nights flow.

Hold your count,
I’ll meet you where you are,
when you turn, lock-
step, step spry.


Funny how these things can go,
sly sambas.

© Carlos Chagall, 2013