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Sulfur Island

For my Dad, 5th Marines, Spearhead Division, Iwo Jima,
who lived through events that I cannot even fathom.

My dad said
just before landing
they handed out shots of
pure grain alcohol 180 proof
courage at 9 knots moving in
Higgins boats toward the island
when the bow ramp dropped the Marines in front
went face-down quickly into the ocean while the others
ran by to stake positions on the red volcanic sand surrounding the prize
Mount Suribachi

© Chagall 2016


I fall in love
too often for I mistake sorrow
for the amorous

Perhaps it’s my sense
of being atop the chain
striving to deliver the lonely
their fair due

So I would die in your place
loving you more than myself
mistakenly standing

the world on its end

Chagall 2015

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