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Subtly Sudden

When I die, 
don't mourn 
or pray, instead
I feel, I'd respond better
to subtle puzzles
you might ponder
whose solution is me

...and I would pop
on the other side, if only
for a moment...

tethered in your space
yet unbounded

still as no ripple
on a pond

deep within 
the closed eye of you

surrounded by no time
surrounded by all time

such is prayer,
such is death?
(no god is God,
as God is god, 
you whisper,
then you ponder,
and You?) 

And I pop
for that moment

cc: Chagall 2021


Sometimes you do – Yes, you do!
– a switcharoo.

© Chagall ∞

O’ What a Pair

I have an odd dynamic with my father-in-law:
He is a 90 year old man but a very new soul, whereas
I am merely half his age but my soul has traveled twice
by thrice his. Our interplays are often quite quirky.

© Chagall 2017


I am secure in the dark tunnel
your hair frames about my face.

The nightroom is violet,
moonlight rouges your cheeks.

Gentian fills the air, we’re children, we whisper excitedly
into each others ear, ticklish, warm, and sensuous.

We move invisibly, pepper-silk sheets, timeless postures,
silhouettes against the open bay windows.

Night breeze blows cool streams across the bed,
refreshes me, each time I rise and fall.

I stare at the grace of the arc you cut,
at all of the napes where you crane.

My straddles throw you in shadow or allow you to be lit,
depending on where I am, between you and the light.

And when we perfect the flip, you’ll do the same for me:
twin souls dancing to the strains of a forgotten eclipse.

© Carlos Chagall, 2013

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