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Friendship 7

John Glenn said as he crossed earth’s line:
At Zero G and I feel fine.

© Chagall 2016


Nothing But a Space-Time Thing

I am exhilarated by early morning and
the promise of timelessness
to experience life’s wonder.

Till evening song
when hours hang heavily and
I shift to the eternity of sky for bearing.

© Chagall 2016

For Laika

In 1957
Soviets sent a dog
named Laika into space
aboard Sputnik 2 –
the first earthling
in orbit ever

She did not
survive the trip

I imagine she barked
in space all alone
jumping at comets
she saw out her window
tail and tongue wagging
until finally subsiding
to a sad whimper dying
closer to heaven than
any had ever attained

Chagall 2016

Rebirth Upon The Mainsail

I am screaming inside the wind tunnel
My fear a step before me always
I slide away down the aileron
I think I’ve eluded it but it’s there
Suddenly the diameter about me shrinks
I’m as stuck and clogged as I’m inside-out
Flapping rapidly a flag on a pole
I relish the maniacal cold tornado forming
Concentric debris pellets my froth
I am squeezed to projectile blessed to be carbon

Chagall 2015

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