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Crystal Clear Staccato

Before time there wasn’t only
incessant heartbeat

Humans though water are merely steam
no less of all things

The moment before you knocked
the door swings open wide: you arrive

The ones already in search continue
long before you’re here

And wordless reads best
though you can’t remember

I relish the sizzle
when we meet ice

How we burn
underneath the numb

Chagall 2016


chagall backdrop

An old man struggling
with a large heavy mirror
obviously dear

Preserves all of the light
the reflected scape
that’s passing there before him

To the observer the world
advances as the world
advances towards
the advancing world

The careful eye
caught in the seam
between real and glass
and polished silver

Notes that the man
does not reflect

© Chagall 2014

Spring Cleaning

Too much clutter,
incessant yapping,

Always I.

Tension at the temples,
my mind’s a muscle clenched,
a locked unbudging door,

no matter how hard,
I try.

Maybe, I
just go headless,
wear the world on my shoulders,

direct to the point,
forgo the face.
For-ego, the face.

Scour it clean,
get the gunk out;
it gets bigger as you go,

on the inside,
the less you know.

Emptying, empty, emptied.
Going, gone, gone.

I assert myself selfishly
to relinquish
any self-assertion.

Once bitten, twice removed.
I hit the trigger right,
and I spasms,

bleeds out over its edges,
a warm ooze, loosening shape,
seeping without form,

to fill no thing.


© Carlos Chagall, 2013

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