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Lesson 1

You told me
the objects about us had
names that marred luminosity
so beware the symbol, embrace the actual.

© Chagall 2016

Je Regrette Pas

The bug in the berry was
surprisingly deliciously

© Chagall 2016

Untitled #11

Today I sensed
in the care of a plant
what I needed to do

Today I sensed
during care of a plant
what I needed to do

Today I sensed that
the care of it all
is what I needed to do

Today I sensed in
the care of it all
that I was needed

Chagall 2016

I Would Give Her My Moment

She laughs when days grow longer
amazed that time sprouts wings
enables more than dappled life is light

Before the moment renders, surrenders
flow to heart her mind aloft she lingers

More than haunting scent hypnotic
bewilder, bother – be careful: she wishes
true comes more than not

Steady like red

Chagall 2015

Sotto Voce

I have no energy left yet so much to say.

No, that’s not right. I simply have need to say something.
There is no specific content or quantity in mind.

I hope that in describing that need
I’ve said something.

Writing is no longer a viable alternative
for that primal scream I would emit
hurling myself off a rooftop.

Chagall 2015

The Glassblower

chagall backdrop

With oxygen my chief inhalant,
I pulmonate my way
through a tangle of moments
I manage to right-side up
to a semblance of order,
I call my life.

They say that you focus
on only a thing at a time,
but I seem to be struggling
with even that.

I rotate through the five senses,
like so many outfits,
costume changes laid out for the week,
before wash day, Friday, rolls around.

I see, I hear, I smell, I taste, I touch,
I conquer.

Son of a bitch inside my head
keeps insisting it’s me,
though I’ve asked over and over:
please stop calling here.

I find serenity in the ground,
in the space around shape,
the silence between words,
the time around now.

It’s the art of glass blowing,
creating outsides from the inside,
from a glowing tip,
sand to form to ash.

© Carlos Chagall, 2013


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