“Ukrainians squandered not only everything we gave them 
during the [Soviet Union] but even everything they inherited 
from the Russian Empire, even the work created by 
Catherine the Great,” Putin said.

This man is more out of his fucking mind than I originally thought.

I am motivated here and now to recite the history of the region over the 
last 200 years, and place it on infinite scroll for others to bear witness.

Squandered!? You son of a bitch.  Tell that to the 14 million you and your 
predecessors starved to death, and murdered for quota, in the last 100 years.  
About the rest of the holocaust that took place in the villages and forests.

Regarding Catherine, I wouldn't trade a single Kossack hetman, or
a single Galician Queen, for thousands of Catherines, and whatever
work you think she accomplished for Ukrainians.

A sad day.  And I am certain that there are many ignorant out there
who have no appreciation of the history of the area, except for the news
of the last few years.

You can't take back what wasn't fucking yours to begin with.

cc: Chagall, God