The trident gold on azure shield, 
lowers to allow the red-crowned crane,
very rare, a moment to settle in,
respite from the field

I can help with the Bear, the crane calls out, 

For who knows Manchuria better?

I will rest here a while, in Kyivan style,
and serve up Peking Duck, instead of
the traditional finger-chicken-licking

We'll keep him out but he is
part of the in crowd, and we're in 
with the in crowd, I go where the in crowd goes,
I know what the in crowd knows


We, the crowing crowned, in a single clutch,
multiply by five our own very quickly, 
such is our way

In the north we nest
in the spring

We don't work cheap, certainly
we are not free: 

Three things to keep in mind:
a brilliancy;
reciprocal Zugzwang;

O' say, can you see,
checked by two different pieces
in a single move!

Threats from all
orthogonally-adjacent points

Et tu Xi?

cc: MCS, Chagall, Dobie Gray, Wilhelm Steinitz