I gladly volunteer to be the target
for the next meteorite, to save us all 
from extinction, I promise my dust
will not hover long, no nuclear winter,
or exacerbation of the greenhouse 
effect; if it's a small piece of space debris
let it rip through me, leave a celestial hole 
in my body, like Bugs Bunny runs though 
a wall to imprint a perfect silhouette, 
a larger meteor proper, an interplanetary rock 
would simply flatten me, perhaps I'd become a black hole, 
so dense that you'd be drawn to my event horizon, 
do gladly drop in, I could put up coffee, order some
danish, bagels, and a very large one, the size of 
a minor planet, an asteroid, would create a crater about me, 
a place to visit in years to come, bring the family, 
watch the geysers spout

If I had a team, 
I would take one for it, 
but I don't
so I do
this quite selfishly, 
merely to have been *

*Ibid, Chagall, Carlos, One Life, Book LXV, Chapter V (the final footnote)

cc: CC '22