I do so loathe the green-pea foam
that rises when you boil 'em,
I spoon it out, the emerald scum,
to clear the way for dumplin'

If by luck you have a ham hock,
throw it in the pot,
the flavor will entice you,
you'll like it...
a lot

The next day when you reheat,
do so low and slow,
stir gently, stir often,
upon fresh crusty bread
spread butter, to soften

It's OK to slurp if it's hot,
especially if you're alone,
be careful not to choke
inhaling the pork bone

Then clear your spot and
wash your plate, rinse your spoon,
sponge down the range,
it's not too late, nor too soon
to make a change

to affect a life, namely Yours, 
get out from indoors, 
from under

no more blankets overhead, 
rear up to hear the thunder

no more soupy fog, no more bump on a log,
no more kissable frog, no more gears, you cog

Hey - are your ears clogged?

A table for two would do just fine, 
double up on the peas


How time will slow, 
you will see 
small bubbly
gather 'round the rim, 
that's when you stir 
once, cover then simmer 
for a lifetime, real low

may Your foams rise and 
always be skimmed

cc: CC '22