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We were the last,
sad you don’t remember,
the high cliffs overlooking
an ocean, I can’t recall
its color, but the salt mist
remains upon my tongue, as if
the name of a newborn, like
sparks at the edge of vision

And now we are the first to set foot
here on the softest of downs

Chagall 2019

Life In A Nutshell

The end.

Chagall 2016

Hello Goodbye Again

21 years since you passed
today, 21 years Chloe

I felt you strongly while driving,
called out your name, give me a sign
that you’re there, that you hear

I cried when the car
ahead of me turned
to reveal a truck in front
with license plate CHL124

I love you Chloe

Chagall 2015

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